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Danesholme Infant Academy

Reception - EYFS

Welcome to Reception!

MChildren ABCiss Sellars, Miss Martin and Miss McMullan are all busy in Teams, providing online learning and support for our youngest VIPs (Very Important Pupils).  Please log in here every day so your child can say hello to their teacher and the teachers can also say 'Hi' and  see how the children are doing.

Below are some websites they have put together to support the curriculum, and make learning at home fun for you and your child: 



Oxford OwlPhonics Play 
Focussing on phase 2 and 3 activities

Oxford Owl

Reading Eggs 
Note: This is available to everyone free for 30 days, to support with the school shutdown period 


Cbeebies Bed Time Stories


White Rose

Top Marks


Music Express Magazine KS1& Early Years

The music show video lessons 1 – 6 are good for KS1 and Early Years.

Children DancingMusic with Lindsey

Youtube link to sing along for early years, it also includes some interactive percussion work.

Nursery rhymes

Great versions of classic nursery rhymes for younger learners (Reception/year 1)