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Danesholme Infant Academy

Reception - EYFS

Welcome to Reception!

MChildren ABCiss Sellars, Mrs Morris and Miss Mansfield are all busy in Teams, providing online learning and support for our youngest VIPs (Very Important Pupils).  Please log in here every day so your child can say hello to their teacher and the teachers can also say 'Hi' and  see how the children are doing.



Read Write Inc and Kinetic Letters

We currently use RWI to teach children letter formation.  For useful information on how we use RWI and Kinetic Letters in school, and help on how you can support your child at home with this, please see our For Everyone section in the menu on the right.

For parent information on how we teach phonics at DIA, please click here.

Below are some websites they have put together to support the curriculum, and make learning at home fun for you and your child: 


Tapestry logoOur ever popular online learning portal, Tapestry, have put together a timetable of weekly activities to support you.  Each week offering something different.  Don't worry if you start them later, you can pick them up whenever suits you.  Don't forget to send us any pictures of your children taking part, we would love to see them!

Week One thumbnail
Week One
Prime Areas of Learning
Week Two thumbnail
Week Two
Specific Areas of Learning
Week Three thumbnail
Week Three
Prime Areas of Learning
Week Four thumbnail
Week Four
Specific Areas of Learning
Week Five thumbnail
Week Five
Prime Areas of Learning
Week Six thumbnail
Week Six
Specific Areas of Learning
Week Seven thumbnail
Week Seven
Prime Areas of Learning
Week Eight thumbnail
Week Eight
Specific Areas of Learning
Week Nine thumbnail
Week Nine
Prime Areas of Learning
Week Ten thumbnail
Week Ten
Specific Areas of Learning
Week Eleven thumbnail
Week Eleven
Prime Areas of Learning



Oxford OwlPhonics Play 
Focussing on phase 2 and 3 activities

Oxford Owl

Reading Eggs 
Note: This is available to everyone free for 30 days, to support with the school shutdown period 


Cbeebies Bed Time Stories


White Rose

Top Marks

Topic - Space

Reception Year are learning all about Space for their topic this term.  Here are some helpful resources for you to share with your children:

A real British Astronaut
Follow the adventure of Tim Peake as he flew into space - a timeline diary and videos of him on his spaceship.

The European Space Agency has some fabulous subjects aimed at children.  Explore the universe, the stars, meteors and what it's like to be an astronaut.

NASA also have some interesting links.  You can see who is on the International Space Station, visit the moon and create an airplane ball. - space activities
Have lots of fun adventures using these activities for exploring infinity and beyond!  View the Earth from space, take a look at a virtual solar system and even see how much you weigh on another planet!


Music Express Magazine KS1& Early Years

The music show video lessons 1 – 6 are good for KS1 and Early Years.

Children DancingMusic with Lindsey

Youtube link to sing along for early years, it also includes some interactive percussion work.

Nursery rhymes

Great versions of classic nursery rhymes for younger learners (Reception/year 1)