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As you may already know, we are proud to work with Skills Builder, and are always encouraging our children to build on key skills needed to succeed in life.  The Skills Builder Partnership have put together a range of challenges children and their families can complete at home, to ensure they continue to sharpen these essential skills for their futures.   Click here to get started.

8 Essential Skills

Read, Write, Inc and Kinetic Letters

Whilst most online learning is done via a device, it is still important for children to practice letter formations as part of learning to write.  Please click the link below for a useful Youtube video showing children how to practice letter formations:
Click here to view RWI Letter formations

If you have a printer at home, please feel free to download and print our Kinetic Letters Lines template, to help your child practice being a brave monkey or a scared monkey.  Kinetic Letters Sand Tray

If you would rather a more practical approach, homemade sand trays (it doesn't have to be sand - it could be flour, sugar, baby powder, anything you have at home) are another easy way to practice writing.

The RWI sound mats are also available to download at the bottom of this page, to help your child remember and practice the phrases used to create each letter of the alphabet.

Holding a pencil

As adults most of us take this for granted.  We forget it is an an important skill we had to learn.  Whether your child is left or right handed, here is a useful guide for the recommended way to hold a pencil (or crayon, pen, paintbrush!!)

Click here for a short Youtube video

Holding a pencil left handedPencil hold right handed

BBC Bitesize

BBC BitesizeOnce again the BBC have produced a fantastic Lockdown Learning portal.  With tailor made lessons full of videos, quizzes and practice activities to help with home learning for Years 1-9.  You can also view lessons every weekday morning on CBBC.

Or for Early Years, the CBeebies website and TV Channel have lovely stay at home activites, with familiar faces, including earning a Stay At Home badge with Hey Duggee and staying healthy with Mr Tumble. 

Free Home Learning Hub from Teacher's Pet

Teachers Pet LogoIn these uncertain times, Teacher's Pet has you covered with a BRAND NEW set of FREE home learning packs for six weeks! (and beyond if necessary)

Introducing our HOME LEARNING HUB!
For teachers, parents and pupils! Weekly home learning timetables, resources, ideas, tips and more. Helping you teach remotely during school closures and best of all, it's completely FREE using our 'Starter' membership!