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Danesholme Infant Academy

Academy Staff

Senior Leadership Team

Executive Principal: Mrs N Lamond

Head of Academy: Mrs C May

KS1 Phase Lead: Mrs G Harris

Early Years Lead: Mrs R Brown

SENCO & Inclusion Lead: Mrs D Reynolds

Designated Safeguarding Leads 

Mrs N Lamond, Mrs C May, Mrs G Harris, Mrs R Brown, Mrs K Martin, Mrs D Reynolds and Mrs P Docherty

Support Staff

Senior Administrator: Mrs L Sable

Administrator & Attendance Officer: Mrs K Sellars

Classroom Staff


Apple Tree – Mrs D Morris
Supported by: Mrs A McInally


Cherry Tree – Mrs R Brown
Supported by: Mrs K Malcolmson  Mrs J McGovern (am)

Peach Tree – Mrs L Ashcroft  (Monday - Tuesday) & Mrs K Faulds (Wednesday - Friday)
Supported by: Mrs B Martin

Year 1

Olive Tree – Mrs G Harris
Supported by: Ms H Brown  

Palm Tree – Mrs K Martin
Supported by: Mrs E Richards  Mrs S Cassie (am)

Maple Tree – Miss M Mansfield
Supported by: Mrs V Robertson  and 1 to 1 support Mrs D Drain

Year 2

Willow Tree – Mrs L Evans (Monday - Thursday) Mrs Cole Wallace (Friday)
Supported by: Mrs W Shields (am)

Oak Tree – Mrs J Widzyk
Supported by: Mrs T Moulton Moyse.  1 to 1 support Mrs V Fairhurst

Elm Tree – Mr J Hoyle 
Supported by: Miss C Harte

Learning Mentor/ELSA (Emotional Literacy Support Assistant).

Miss L McMullan

Cover Supervisors / HLTAs

Mrs K Malcolmson - Cover Supervisor
Mrs T Moulton Moyse Cover Supervisor

Mrs V Robertson 

Ms H Brown

Midday Supervisors:

Mrs A Bester, Mrs A Bruce, Ms A Coulter, Miss L Cullen, Mrs H Farren, Mrs F Finnegan, and Miss C Ward

Breakfast & After School Club

Assistants: Miss H Brown, Miss A Bruce, Ms A Coulter

Administration: Mrs L Russell-Mason 

Site Staff

Premises Officer: Mr J Blair

Site Supervisor: Mr D Lindsay

Health & Safety Contact: Mrs L Russell-Mason

Mrs N Duddy, Mrs L Hagan, Mrs F Haselip, Mrs L Lloyd, Mrs A Rowe, Mrs C Williams and Mrs D Wilson.