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Danesholme Infant Academy

SEND Webinar

If you are a parent or carer of a child with additional needs, this informative webinar on Wednesday 10th February might be of interest to you.

Do you ever feel that you're failing as a parent, that you're being judged negatively by other people, and that you just aren't good enough? Are you ever kept awake at night by feelings of guilt, concerns and worries? If you're a SEND parent, particularly during lockdown, chances are that you are also exhausted and sometimes wonder how you can carry on. If this sounds familiar, please join us for this FREE webinar, hosted by the lovely people at Carers In Bedfordshire. It will be two blissful hours of "me time" with Yvonne Newbold, Malcolm Cooper with lots of practical ideas to feel better about how well you're doing. We know you rock!

Here's how to book - hope to see you there

For more information, you can also view the  Project's Facebook pageProject's Facebook page.