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Danesholme Infant Academy

Student Academy Council

Our Academy Council consists of two children from each class in Year 1 and Year 2. Our Reception children will join our Council in January 2019. The academy councillors meet once a fortnight and are involved in making decisions about the running of the Academy. During the Autumn 1 term they will be looking at what our Academy does well and what we could do better. The children are asking their classmates for their opinions and will report back to the Academy Council meeting. From this the councillors will decide what their priorities are for improving their Academy.

Our Academy Councillors are:

Peach Tree: Seryn & Adam

Pear Tree: Jack & Gracie-May.

Cherry Tree: Katelyn & Ollie

Maple Tree: Kaileb & Lauryn

Olive Tree: Ashton & Bea

Palm Tree: Jorja & Sam

Elm Tree: 

Oak Tree: Leon & Lilah

Willow Tree: Charlotte & Aleks